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The Committee held its first-ever virtual meeting yesterday, via Zoom, to discuss the impact of covid-19 on the collection of 2020-21 membership fees, and on the Club’s Grand Prix series. The minutes of the meeting are here. Please get in touch if anything is unclear.

Luckily the Club doesn’t have any major fixed outgoings (like paying for a clubhouse, for example) and has been prudent with its resources, so we are in a much better position to weather the storm than some clubs will be. We will get through this!

This week’s virtual training plan

I hope those of you who are following the virtual training plan enjoyed the rest week. Hopefully you should be feeling recovered, relaxed and ready to go in our second cycle of the training programme! You can find this week’s plan here.

The focus of the week is motivation something we’re all probably struggling with at the moment. It’s not just the races we have missed, but the runs and socialising with club mates. I hadn’t realised what an important part of my life it had become.

Here are a few things that might help keep you motivated:

  • Doing some different sessions to mix things up a bit. This week’s plan includes a pyramid session, which is always fun. Just imagine me shouting ‘run time’ and ‘recovery time’ at you, like at track.
  • Ignore the watch and do a gentle long run (or cycle) to discover a new route – even in the local area there will be roads you’ve never run down before. Combine it with the parkrun run-a-word challenge to give your run some purpose.
  • We plan to set up a virtual handicap race. Watch this space for more details of when and how to take part.
  • Community – do keep letting people know what you are doing. The BRR WhatsApp Group has proved a bit of a lifesaver. Think what all this would have been like without social media. Knowing that other people are still out there training can be really motivating for those of us who are losing our mojo.
  • Finally, remember that the main reasons we exercise are for fitness and fun and whether or not there is actually a race doesn’t matter. And doing something is always better than doing nothing!

My thanks go to my work colleague, Simon, who devises the plan, and is currently working from home and enjoying running around Ireland, the lucky thing.


BRR Chair



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