Already three races into this year’s handicap season – the virtual competition is proving such a success we might have to do something like it in future, when things get back to normal.

Here’s this week’s official race report, from Greg. Fingers crossed we get some coverage in the Barking and Dagenham Post again.

“BRR competed in race No 3 in their Virtual 5k handicap time trial series this week, with over 30 runners again taking part, of whom 19 bettered their handicap time. The rules are simple: run a 5k between Monday the 8th and midnight Saturday the 13th on any course you like, although quite a few chose to run theirs on the Barking parkrun course.

This week’s winner was Dennis Spencer-Perkins, finishing three minutes and 26 seconds inside his handicap, 2nd place went to Sarah Jones 1:49 inside her handicap, with handicap No. 2 winner Gopal Myilsamy finishing third, 1:41 inside his.  After three races, Nehal Patel sits atop of the leader board with 273 points followed by Colin Jones on 271 and Jason Li with 267. The series is proving very popular with 43 different runners having competed in at least one event so far and many have done all three.

Hard working Cristina and Trevor Cooper, who are organising the series and collating the results, are still finding time to compete in virtual iron man triathlon events each week as well. Debbie Coyle continues to put many club members and others through their paces in her instagram HIIT workout sessions four times a week.

BRR club members often take part in the John Clarke fell race each year, the only triple A-rated fell race within the M25. This year’s the race was run virtually as a time trial over the course between 12th-14th June. All the results are not in yet but Antony Leckerman representing BRR finished in a time of 32.27. Second-claimer Gary Coombes also took part”.

Fitness Test

This week’s fitness test is to test your joint mobility. Joint mobility is a measure of how effectively you can move your ankles, knees and hips through a normal range of motion. If these joints are tight, this puts extra pressure on your muscles and can lead to them becoming overworked and vulnerable to injury.

The test – Bar Squat. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Lift a light bar (a broom handle will do) overhead. Squat as low as possible without letting the bar fall forward. Return to standing and repeat twice more.

Great – if, with your feet flat on the floor, your torso is parallel to your lower legs, your thighs are below parallel to the floor, and you can keep your knees aligned with your feet without your knees caving in.

Good – If you can do all the above but only with your heels lifting off the floor

Fair – if you have trouble maintaining form, with your heels on the floor or not.

Improve it – stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Keeping your back straight, bend your knees and grab your toes. Keeping your arms straight, pull your glutes down and lift your chest while holding your toes. Lift up one arm, then the other, to form a ‘Y’ shape. Stand up, keeping arms raised. Repeat 10 times. Collapse. Lay on floor.

Thank you from Chelmsford AC

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Essex Running Club’s Virtual Mile Challenge, organised by Chelmsford AC a few weeks ago. The event raised £1,189.95 for NHS Charities Together. Hopefully Chelmsford will organise further events over the coming months so more of us can take part.

And finally…

As I’m nursing an injury, Chris and I decided to walk the John Clarke fell race course on Saturday evening. What started off as a pleasant stroll through Epping became more and more stressful as we realised that we were totally lost and the sun began to sink. It was a relief to hear that I wasn’t the only person who got lost, and that Richard and Gary also went astray. The photos show the correct course, as run in 2016, and the course I walked on Saturday. The vertical line on the right was me stomping back to the car in disgust! Never mind, there will be a properly organised race next year – I hope!


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