We’d hoped that the Government announcements today (Tuesday) might have included details of when larger groups of people could start gathering again, paving the way to reopening our track nights. But, unfortunately, the six-person limit still applies for groups of people from different households. In any case, Everyone Active, who manage the track, aren’t answering their calls so we can’t book any sessions!

England Athletics Guidance

England Athletics issued the following guidance on Road Running on 19 June.

  • Small group training outdoors only in groups of up to 6 people providing runners maintain social distancing advice i.e. 2m apart if from a different household.
  • A coach and up to 5 athletes or runners can train together provided they maintain social distancing i.e. 2m apart if from a different household.
  • No face-to-face competition permitted – England Athletics is running a series of virtual running competitions and challenges

Lots of people seem to be ignoring the guidance now, but EA has made it clear that our insurance would be invalidated if something went wrong and we were found to be in breach of the rules. We are, however, looking at how we can make good use of the long evenings and get together in Mayesbrook Park – following all the guidance, of course – to start building up to Club activities again. Watch out for a message on WhatsApp and Facebook with further details.

In the meantime, it was another busy week of virtual racing action for BRR runners last week, and newshound Greg has captured the action:

“The ISORun club 10 mile race gave everyone the chance to wear a race number for the first time since the pandemic began in March, providing a proper race feel. The idea was for everyone to start at 10 o’clock on the 20th of June; while lots did it wasn’t possible for everyone, but there results still counted as long as they ran the distance. BRR runners taking part were Rob Courtier 2:13; Jason Li 1:43:34, Vicky Henderson 1:15:48, Belinda Riches 1:24:42, Natalie Traylen 1:28:47, Colin Jones 1:42, Helen Ayers 1:40:27, James Hall 1:26:20 and, last but not least, Gary Coombes with a rapid 1:02:14. Some of the runners are pictured below. Sorry if we’ve missed you.

For the Phoenix P24 longest day challenge the runners had to run 1 mile every hour for 24 hours. BRR’s Faye Spooner took up the challenge. Faye actually ran 28 miles – she was never going to do less than a marathon distance! Faye’s total time was 4 hours ten minutes with no sleep. Faye wore a different shirt for each mile to remind her of some of her past races.

As well as the 10 mile, Colin Jones run did the West Highland way virtual 95-mile race. He finished 197th out of 995 which he was pleased with as he was 425th after his first split. His total time was 14:09:13.

Cristina and Trevor Cooper continued with their virtual Ironman events. This time it was a half Ironman which Cristina named the Barking-Hawaii-Hainault half Ironman as they did a run in Barking a virtual cycle course in Hawaii and another run in Hainault”.

Thanks Greg, great report as always. Let’s see what the B&D Post make of that.

(Not) parkrun

It’s virtual handicap week again. If you’re running your 5k for the handicap, why not also record it as a (not)parkrun? You can run any 5k route, then upload your time via your parkrun profile. Even better, you can submit one time a day between Monday and Sunday via your parkrun profile, and your best time of the week will appear in your home event’s (not)parkrun results. More info here https://support.parkrun.com/hc/en-us/articles/360009843618–not-parkrun-FAQs. Belinda and Helen have already recorded very creditable times of 24.05 and 27.20 respectively – well done ladies!

England Athletics Virtual 5k Road Running Championships

Entries to the England Athletics Virtual 5K Road Running Championships (11-13 July) are now open! With the original event cancelled due to Covid-19, we’ve launched a free-to-enter virtual running version of the race for 2020 (following government guidelines). The Virtual 5K Championships provides a platform for performance-focused runners to challenge for the national title and, with no minimum entry standard, also gives runners a chance to gain their first experience in national competition! Visit: https://bit.ly/30KCrCf

If you’re gonna do it, do it right #1

We’ve worked our way through all the fitness tests, so now let’s look at the right techniques to use when exercising. If you use the wrong techniques, at best you won’t be strengthening the parts of your body you want to strengthen. At worst, you risk injury. Either way, you won’t get the most from your all your hard work.

Bicep curls

Target: front of the upper arm

A common error with bicep curls is trying to lift too much weight – more is more, right? But, if the weight is too heavy, you’ll be working the shoulders and not properly targeting your biceps, which is what you want to be strengthening.

Your shoulders will hunch forward instead of staying back as you lift the weight, which can cause injury. Alternatively, you could end up leaning backwards – as in the picture – which puts a lot of pressure on the lower back, which can also lead to injury.

To maximise the efficiency of the bicep curl, lift within your comfort zone, keep your back still and straight, and focus the effort on the biceps only. That doesn’t mean use so light a weight that you’re not putting in any effort, just using a weight that is not too heavy for you to do the exercise with the correct technique.

How to do a bicep curl correctly:

  • Stand tall with your shoulder blades back and down, and contract your abs.
  • Keep your back, elbows and shoulders still.
  • Curl your arms up until they’re in front of your shoulders.
  • As Debbie always says, keep breathing!

And finally…

I can’t believe that anyone would suggest that BRR members would be interested in running for the chance to win alcoholic beverages, let alone that I should include details in this blog (https://www.runnersworld.com/uk/news/a32930965/new-balance-pints/). Whatever will they think of next? A beer mile?!


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