Deserving duo: The Granges

(not)Phipps/BH5K 2020

Well done to all the runners at our August Bank Holiday 5k race and thanks to all the supporters who came along too. Renamed after Owen Phipps, a former member who sadly passed away last year, it was a real shame the race couldn’t go ahead as part of the ELVIS series. But we decided the show must go on, even if the race was only open to BRR members and a few friends. Thank you to our supporters, too.

A total of 23 runners took part. The ‘social distancing friendly’ staggered start (roughly ten seconds between each runner) meant the final outcome wasn’t known until everyone crossed the finish line. But, in the event, the first person over the line was also first placed overall. Deserving winner  Joseph Grange finished in 17:50, followed by Paul Grange in 17:53, and Owen Wainhouse in 20:11. Debbie Coyle was first female finisher in 20:59. Hope you all enjoyed it

Track Tuesday

Thank you to everyone who has been able to come along since we returned to track. We’re had – almost – every sort of weather thrown at us, from scorching sun to rain, hail and gale-force winds. But it’s still great to be back. Thank you also for abiding by the social distancing rules; I know it can be a pain, but we don’t want to be responsible for any of our members getting ill – you are all very precious! Everyone Active, who manage the track, have told us that a boxing club will now be using the building every evening including Tuesdays. It’s not clear what this means for us, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Tuesday 1st September is the monthly timed mile. We’ll start with a few (1 minute run/1 minute recovery) reps to warm-up, then on to the mile. I’ll be using the Webscorer App (the same as for the Phipps 5K) to record times. Please arrive in good time so I can add you to the start list. Once you’ve started, you can move across into the inside lane but please stay spaced out. If you need to overtake, move across into lane 2. We’ll have a coned finish funnel on the right-hand side for you to go through at the end. Avoid bunching up after you’ve crossed the finish line.

Lots of you have already taken up the new option to pay your track subs online, reducing the need to handle cash on the night. In case you’ve missed it, you can pay your track subs directly into the BRR bank account (Account Number 42026724, Sort Code 40-03-33, reference ‘Track Subs’). We’re asking that you pay for at least 10 weeks (£20). We’ll keep a spreadsheet to tick off when you have used your sessions – you don’t have to commit to coming to track ten weeks in a row; we know things come up. That said, please don’t disappear for months/years with one session outstanding! We will still accept cash on the night if that’s easier for you.

Virtual racing

If you’re planning to run the virtual London Marathon, the Runner’s World podcast may have some helpful hints and tips: . You can put the tips to the test with the Victoria Park Open 5 and/or the Isorun 10 .

Planned BRR activities

Thursday 3rd September – hill training in Mayesbrook Park. Meet in the car park opposite the Roundhouse pub for a 6.30pm start. The session will last for about an hour. You can join in late if that’s too early for you – the group will be running up and down the hill beside the railway line.

If you would normally be doing Debbie’s HIIT workout at 5.00pm on Thursday, remember you can catch up with the sessions on Instagram. Just search for comradesincoaching on Instagram.

Sunday 6th September – a trip to Leigh-on-Sea, a six-mile/10k run (if you like) taking in the prom to Southend and back, then a meal at the Peterboat. Meet at Barking Station at 9.00am if you are taking the train, or at Leigh-on-Sea station at 10.00am if you are driving.

Sunday 20th September (TBC) – the next Tad 5 trail race at Hainault, with a slightly more straightforward course than the last race. 10:00am start.

Barking (Not)parkrun

Once again, parkrun HQ has used photos of our lovely park to publicise (not)parkrun day. Our Barking parkrun finishers for the week ending 30 August were Natalie Traylen (23:36), Sally Bridge (26:56) and Alison Fryatt (52:26). I wouldn’t normally be able to walk it that fast, but I was walking somewhere very desolate and decided speed was of the essence!

Stretches for Runners: #05 – Calf stretch

Ahh, the calf stretch. If only I’d been more assiduous at doing this stretch, along with some strengthening exercises, I might have been saved a lot of pain from shin splints and my stress fracture. Calf stretches improve range of motion, decrease risk of tearing and help the calf muscles produce proper levels of force. But if you sit at a desk all day without walking around, your knee and ankle joints pretty much stay in one position which means your calves aren’t moving, either. When this range of motion is restricted, your muscle fibres get used to staying in a shortened position. Stretching helps to lengthen the muscles back into their natural condition.

  1. Step your right leg forward.
  2. Bend your front leg and keep your back leg straight. Both feet should point forwards.
  3. Push your left heel into the ground, keeping your left leg straight. Repeat with the other leg.
  4. Hold for 15 seconds, then repeat with the other leg.
  5. If you do the stretch properly, you should feel the stretch at the back of the back leg, below the knee.

And finally…

A man has caused a stir in the Staffordshire Moorlands by running completely naked aside from trainers and a running belt.

According to news reports, 29-year-old Sadie Trigg was out for a walk with her four daughters when she spotted the nude runner. Shocked, she stopped to ask the runner why he was running without clothes on when children were about.

Speaking about the encounter, Trigg said, ‘My two older daughters were walking quite a distance ahead at the time. We tried to shout to them to move out the way. He ran past but when I went to challenge him he stopped. He said “there’s no harm, I’m only out for a run, what’s wrong with that?”. He said “shall I go and explain to them?”

‘I was in shock. He just kept saying he was doing no harm. He seemed more scared of us than we were him in some ways. He actually went red in the face. I don’t think he expected to run into us. If he was that embarrassed, he would have covered himself up, but he didn’t. We would have taken a photo ourselves but we were just in shock.

‘It’s a bit unnerving. I’m not sticking up for the guy but I don’t think he was a pervert in any way but I do think it’s wrong.’

Apparently, it is not an offence to run naked in England and Wales unless the complainant can prove the individual had the intent to shock or cause upset.

Apologies for not having a photo to accompany this story. I’ll have to leave it to your imagination…


Happy running


BRR Chair


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