A big “thank you” to everyone who took part in the Members’ Cup and Club Charity of the Year poll. We had a very high turn out this year, due to the sterling efforts of Jason to gather your votes. Let’s hope Donald Trump doesn’t get wind of the poll, or he might declare that that some of the votes are fraudulent and challenge Jason’s counting in court.

Being serious, it seems very unlikely that we will be able to have our Club Presentation night this year; even if venues are able to open before Christmas, it’s doubtful we will be able to meet in a large group. But we have the Members’ Cup, 2019-20 Cross Country, and 2020 Handicap trophies to award, so we’ll find a way to give the winners the recognition they  deserve.

BRR in the News

Greg is back from his travels in soggy Cornwall – here is his news report. I mentioned some of it last week, but not as eloquently as Greg:

“Just as things were looking up race-wise with several series of races organised by various parties, along comes Lockdown #02  and scuppers everything for now.

Fortunately for Barking Road Runners a few members managed to get some racing in before the 5th of November.  Martin Page and Belinda Riches competed in the first of a planned six-race series at the Cyclopark in Gravesend. Martin did the 10k and finished 1st male vet over 60 in a time of 42:59. Belinda finished her 10k in a time of 51:01 and finished 4th in her category.

Martin Page 1st male vet over 60 at Gravesend.

Belinda Riches 4th in her Category at Gravesend.

Meanwhile, in the Caribbean, Cristina and Trevor Cooper managed to fit in a morning Aquathlon between cocktails and sunbathing.

Cristina and Trevor in the Caribbean

Trevor Parkin competed in the Copper box 5k at the Olympic Park finishing it in a time of 50:33 despite blisters on both feet making it a painful run’.

Trevor Parkin at the Olympic Park

Track Tuesday

We made the most of our last track session for a month. After a longer than usual set of strides to warm-up, we moved on to a tough, timed pyramid session; I’m sure the eight minutes at the top of the pyramid felt like a lifetime. That said, you all maintained your pace down the other side of the pyramid, with some of you even managing to speed up for the last one-minute effort. I’m sure the footballers on the pitch next door really loved all the whistle-blowing. At the end of the session it felt a bit like the last day at school or work before breaking up for Christmas, with everyone saving ‘goodbye, see you in a month’. Let’s hope we can all see each other on 8th December. In the meantime, to keep you busy…

Cardio Tuesday

Debbie has kindly offered to hold online cardio classes for us on each Tuesday while track is closed. The sessions will start at 5.30pm and Debbie will confirm whether they will be on Instagram or Zoom. Those of you who have done Debbie’s sessions before will know the fitness benefits they bring, so do make the most of this opportunity.

Barking Park 3K

Our plans for a Saturday morning 3K on 14th November have gone up in smoke for the time being, thanks to Lockdown #02, but please don’t let that stop you. I’ve measured out a nice and simple two-lap course in Barking Park. Get practising now, and we will hold the race when we’re allowed to meet up again in groups of more than two.

We’ll also try and stage our planned Cross Country competition at Hainault, lockdown allowing, though we may have to squeeze the races into quite a short period.

Virtual Park Run – #VPR34

Martin Page led the BRR contingent home in Saturday’s VPR, finishing second overall in a fab-u-lous time of 20:44. Also posting times for BRR were Antony Leckerman (21:27), Belinda Riches (26:05) and Kresh Veerasamy (44:10).

If you want to take part next week, just sign up for the Virtual Park Runners Facebook page, run your 5K anywhere, anytime on Saturday, then post a screenshot of your Garmin, Strava etc by 10.00pm, remembering to add your Club name so we can all share in your glory. And, of course, you can post the same time as your (not)parkrun result.

Barking (Not)parkrun

Talking of which, that’s just what Belinda did, posting her VPR result to the Barking (not)parkrun results, and becoming the fastest BRR finisher into the bargain. Jason Li also ran, finishing in 34:04, with me bringing up the rear yet again in 35:30, a PB for me since my injury.

Poppy Run

Well done to Ken Summerfield, who has run 43.2k to raise money for the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.

Morning Stretches for Runners

It’s week two of our morning stretches for runners, and we’re starting to build our ‘yin yoga flow’. Following the neck circles last week, this week’s exercise is also familiar – shoulder shrugs. Not the shoulder shrug you do when you don’t know something, or to show indifference, but the one you usually do after exercises that have used your arms.

#02 – Shoulder Shrugs

The wrong type of shoulder shrug…

The right type of shoulder shrug!

Shoulder shrugs in the morning help to strengthen your trapezius muscles (the muscles either side of your neck). A strong trapezius pulls your shoulders back and helps stabilize your neck and upper back. This will reduce the tension that leads to stiff shoulders and a stiff neck.

How to do it: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and arms hanging loose at sides, palms facing inwards. Shrug your shoulders up towards your ears slowly, then slowly lower back down. Do it ten times, rest and repeat.

And finally…

It’s great to see youngsters being encouraged to get active. I was jogging around Barking Park on Sunday morning when I saw two young brothers lining up to run, while their Dad stood about twenty metres away with his phone, ready to capture the action. ‘Ready Steady Go!’ one of the boys shouted and, laughing happily, they set off. Only for their Dad to shout ‘stop!’ after a couple of steps, because he’d got his photo. I despair…

Keep on Running


BRR Chair


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