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Reasons to be Cheerful, 1, 2, 3 (and 4 and 5 and 6…)

It’s almost the end of 2020 and it’s been a bit of a rubbish year (understatement of the century). So, let’s start 2021 on a positive note – please let me know what’s made you cheerful during 2020. It doesn’t have to be profound or running related, just anything you’d like to share with your running mates which might cheer them up too. Here’s the survey link:

Submit your responses by Midnight on Saturday 2 January and I’ll include them in next week’s blog.

BRR activities

It’s back to virtual activities while we are in tier 4, unless we are running two-by-two. Thanks to Faye for flagging the Pheonix Virtual New Year Chaser. Starting at 10.00am (UK time) you run 1 mile at any pace you like. Then at 11.00am (UK time) you do it again, and so on, up to 27 hours in a row. If you run 1 mile on the hour each hour for 6 miles or more then you’re an official finisher and will receive the epic 12mm thick, freestanding medal weighing in at almost half a kilo. Entry costs a rather random £27.24. More details here: Alison, Faye, Amanda, Belinda, Cristina, Rob and Nabeel have signed up so far. Any other (should be) committed runners fancy joining in?

Debbie will be providing a body con session at 5.00pm on Tuesday. Just look for comradesincoaching on Instagram. The perfect way to maintain your fitness when the temptation is just to slump in front of the TV.

BRR in action

In lieu of Tuesday night’s track session, Debbie kindly put on fitness class on the Comradesincoaching instagram site. Well, when I say kindly, it was a pretty tough session. There are some exercises that seem easy when you do them a few times. When you do them 100 times, it’s a different story! Fortunately, the number of reps decreased as the session went on, down to 10 burpees, but that’s still pretty challenging. But you always feel really great afterwards, knowing that you’ve put in the effort.

A few of us were (Jason, Rob, Dennis, Alison, Mick B, Mick D, Les, Ron) in Barking Park at 11:00am on Wednesday for the fortnightly informal handicap. This is the perfect run for tier 4, as you’re running by yourself.

We all obeyed the injunction not to turn up in Barking Park for Christmas Day parkrun at 9.00am but, mysteriously, quite a few of us still showed up in the park for our own, covid-secure, runs. I spotted Rory and Stuart, Cristina and Trevor, Belinda and her parents, Nabeel, Rob, Dennis, Amanda and Mr H, Faye, Joyce, Micky and Chris B, Martin M, Les, Mick M, Chris A, Natalie, Dawn, Kresh, Dennis, Alain, and Jack. I’ve probably forgotten someone, in which case apologies. So good to see so many running buddies; I think we would have all gone insane over the past year if it wasn’t for the comraderie of the Club. Thanks to Nabeel for snapping some of the runners.

Les’s Cracker Corner

Les was queueing in the bank the other day when an old lady asked him to help her check her balance.

So he pushed her over.

Boom! Boom!

Simple moves for stronger and more injury-resistant joints

Move #03: Lumbar spine rotation stretch

This is a Pilates stretch. Like all Pilates, it is done slowly and under control. I’ve been doing some online Pilates classes recently and they seem very gentle and innocuous to start with but the slow movements are really very challenging and are great for building core strength (I’ve got a long way to go yet).

How to do it: Lie flat on your back. Roll your left leg over your body, with your knee at a right angle. Your left hip may lift up as you twist round, but keep both shoulders on the floor.  Push your left knee towards the floor with your right hand – you will feel a stretch in your back. You can also stretch your left arm out to the side, twisting your head to the left to look at your hand, for an upper body stretch. Hold for two minutes then repeat on the other side.

And finally…

I bought myself a webcam to use for our online Committee meetings. Now I just need to decipher the instructions. I was going to ask Jason for his help but the last time I did that the language turned out to be Japanese rather than Chinese. Not that it stopped Jason from telling me what it – supposedly – said…

Happy New Year (in a few days’ time)


BRR Chair


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