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 Breaking News, your regular Editor, Alison along with Chris have flown the nest and taken a flight of fancy to sunny sicily for a well deserved rest, so your’s truly Dennis SP has been drafted in to help keep the Blog on the road with help from Greg, and Nikki.  Plenty of shoes on Tarmac/grass took place at the weekend and News Hound Greg has dug deep into the Vaults of Results to source all the details for you to peruse.  Below are his findings and details as follows:


BRR in Action

BRR runners at Harold Wood Elvis race

 Elvis Series race No 5, hosted by Harold Wood RC was a 5k race on a tough hilly course that had to be slightly changed at the last minute due to a bridge closure.

The hills were just what was needed after the weekends 24 hour spitfire endurance  race where most of the Barking Road Runners team took part.

BRR runners on the evening were: Jess Collett 22:23, Belinda Riches 27:18, Alison Fryatt 33:56, Paul Withyman 20:31, Peter Jackson 20:31, Stuart Mackay 21:28, Martin Page 21:38, Kevin Wotton 23:54, Adrian Davison 24:22, Huseyen Dogan 26:04,Martin O’Toole 27:02, Les Jay 32:52.

Castle Howard Triathlon

Cristina and Trevor Cooper competed at the Castle Howard triathlon festival, Cristina was in the middle distance event with split with split times of 41:02 for her 1900 metre Swim, 3:48:56 for the 90k ride and 2:12:54 for her 21k  run. Trevor finished in 1st place in his category in the sprint plus distance. Trevor’s split times were 16:21 for his 800 metre swim, 1:32:11 for the 46k ride  finished off with 47:47 for his 8k run.

BRR parkrunners

 Barking Park – Steve Philcox 18:15,  Peter Jackson 18:37,  Paul Withyman 19:28,  Jagbir Bassi 20:13,  Nehal Patel 23:27, Stuart Burr 25:56, Charlotte Owen 26:22, Kasia Maj 26:24, Andrew HIller 26:59, Sally Bridge 27:07, John Lang 28:56, Thomas Shorey 29:17, Les Jay 29:51, Greg Adams 31:26, Nikki Cranmer 31:31, Robert Courtier 32:28, Julie Gillender 33:23 and Kirsty Waugh-Mcdonagh 34:13.

Chalkwell Beach – Antony Leckerman 23:22.

Clacton Seafront – Barry Culling 26:04

Harrow Lodge – Rory Burr 25:01

Sandall Park – James Lowndes 21:33

Valentines – Kevin Wotton 22:02

(with thanks to Greg Adams)


New Shoes Please!

The New code for the Month of July is-GHKWB9

Valid until August 2nd.  Happy spending.


BRR Diary

7.00pm, Tuesday 26 July – Speed Development. Jim Peter’s Stadium. It’s the last Tuesday of the month, so Captain Rob’s evil twin will be overseeing your timed mile, plus the usual 300s (unless he’s thought of something even more evil to do).

7.00pm, Thursday 28 July – Summer Handicap #06. Barking Park. It’s the penultimate race in the summer competition. Chris and Alison won’t be around, so if you don’t want to run it would be great if you could help Greg with the organisation.

10.00am, Saturday 6 August – Orion Forest Five ELVIS and GP race. An ever-popular trail race through Epping Forest, and this time you will earn point towards both the Club ELVIS and GP competitions. More details and entry at

9.30, Sunday Hainault forest for gentle training runs with tea and Social afterwards.


7.00pm, Thursday 11 August – Summer Handicap #07. Barking Park. The last race in the competition (sob!). Even if it’s too late to be in the overall top three, it’s not too late to win the tenner.


Cracker Corner

I was playing tennis and this 30 foot Bicycle went pass.  I thought that was a long Raleigh.

Have you tried that New 007 Glue?  Bonds in seconds.

This bag of Rubbish came up to me.  He said “I’m at your disposal”.

This bloke said to me, he said I’m never going to use a Pen again.

I said can you put that in writing.

Jokes by Tim Vine

Hurry up back Alison….aaarrrrrrggggghhhhhh.


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