Club rules

Barking Road Runners’ Club Rules govern how our Club is managed, and regulate the Club’s various competitions. Places at each year’s London Marathon which are allocated to the Club by the race organisers, are offered to our members on the basis of points earned, and the Rules also set out in detail how this is done.

Proposed changes to the Rules are voted upon by the Club’s members at the Annual General Meeting. A Special General Meeting can also be called for the purpose of changing the rules. Any member of the Club can propose a change, and Rule 13 sets out the procedure for this. The Committee will assist any Club member who wishes to have their help in drafting the formal text of a rule change proposal.

The Club Rules were amended at the Annual General Meeting that took place on 18th October 2018:

BRR rules as amended at the Oct 2018 AGM

The Club Committee is run according to its Standing Orders. The Standing Orders complement, and should be read alongside, the Club Rules:


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